Hacktoberfest Hackathon with Medusa: Win $1,500 and Cool Merch


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Hacktoberfest Hackathon with Medusa: Win $1,500 and Cool Merch
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We are thrilled to soon gear up for Hacktoberfest together with you. This year, we are offering you a chance to win crazy prizes(!) and really go all-in with our first-ever Medusa Hackathon.

There will also be an option for those of you that prefer getting started with regular Hacktoberfest-issues (see bottom of the page).

Pre-sign-ups for the Hackathon can be made here.

What will happen

  • Kick-off: on Saturday, Oct 1st on our Medusa Discord under our #Hackathon channels
  • Project: You have 3 weeks to build a Medusa project. It can be anything; ecommerce store, plugin, new Medusa-starter, app, library, etc.
  • Requirements: The only project requirement is that the solution needs to be related to Medusa and open source
  • Team size: 1 to 5 per submission
  • Submission deadline: Sunday, Oct 23rd

The prizes

Participation prizes:

  • All submissions will get: Hackathon Tee + Hackathon Hoodie
  • All pre-sign-ups + Submissions will get: Hackathon Hoodie + Hackathon tee + Water bottle

Best Project prizes:

  • Best overall project ⇒ $1,500 in GitHub sponsorship + Ltd. Edition Winner Hoodie
  • Most technically impressive ⇒ $300 in GitHub sponsorship + Ltd. Edition Winner Hoodie
  • Best shop (for store builders) ⇒ $300 in GitHub sponsorship + Ltd. Edition Winner Hoodie
  • Best design ⇒ $300 in GitHub sponsorship + Ltd. Edition Winner Hoodie

Participation details


  • Pre-register: Before Saturday, Oct 1st at 08:00 am CET. All pre-registered participants will get a shout-out on Twitter in October and extra swag upon completion.
  • Opening ceremony: Saturday, Oct 1st at 05:00 pm CET on our Discord channel
  • Submission deadline: Sunday, 23rd of Oct at 11:59 pm CET
  • Judges deliberate: Monday 24th of Oct
  • Winner announcement: The week of the 24th of Oct on Discord + Twitter


Submit a link to a GitHub repo with a README that includes:

  • Cover photo for the project
  • Link to demo if applicable
  • Team member GitHub handles
  • Short project description (max 100 words), incl. how Medusa is used
  • Video, instructions, memes, or other elements you find relevant
  • Link to Repo for submissions will be shared at launch.

Judging criteria

The full Medusa team will review your solution, we will be looking for:

  • Ecommerce relevance
  • Applicability for community
  • Technical setup
  • Beautiful Design
  • Creativity

Next steps

  • Perfectly fine to start planning a bit ahead, you can share your ideas on our Discord as well. Here, you can also stay tuned for news regarding the event
  • If you already know you will be participating, then you can sign up here and get a shout out + extra swag
  • If this is the first time using Medusa, you can use our docs to get started or check out our blog for inspiration

Other Hacktoberfest activities

PRs ⇒ Swag

During Hacktoberfest, we'll also give away swag for picking up issues tagged with #hacktoberfest. We will release these on the 1st of October. For PRs on these we give the following:

  • 1 PR ⇒ Medusa sticker
  • 3 PRs ⇒ Medusa tee + Medusa stickers
  • 5 PRs ⇒ Medusa tee + Medusa water bottle + Medusa stickers

First time contributing, no worries!

Contributing to an open-source project might feel intimidating at first. Below, you can find a guide about the process:

  1. Browse the issues that are labeled #hacktoberfest and find an issue to tackle
  2. Fork the Medusa repo and create a branch for your solution
  3. Submit a pull request for your solution in accordance with our contribution guidelines
  4. We will review the pull request and let you know if additional work is needed
  5. After we have merged your pull request(s), you can claim your swag

Looking forward to celebrating with y'all!

For questions reach out in our Discord.